Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic occupies 2/3 parts of the Hispaniola island. Columbus who had discovered this island called it the most beautiful island that his eyes had ever seen.

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This country with many kilometeres of wonderful beach with crystal waters attracts you again and again.

But merengue dancing and carnivals are atracting a lot of tourists to the country as well.

La Vega

Language: Spanish.

National Bank of Dominican Republic
National currency is Peso

Dominican Pesos
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The country has several International Airports: in Santo Domingo, Punta Cana, Puerto Plata, Santiago, Barahona and La Romana so that from many countries you can come directly to the country. You can get to Bavaro from the International Airport Punta Cana in 20 minutes.

Airport Punta Cana

The population of the Dominican Republic is 8 million people. There are 3 million people who live in the capital of the country Santo Domingo.


MAP Dominican Republic

The enormous demand for various price-class properties in the area makes any real estate project interesting. This area is developing quickly and overcomes great touristic boom.

In the East of the country there is big touristic area called Bavaro and Punta cana. In Bavaro there are 30 000 rooms for tourists in Hotels and 5 Golf courses.

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